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Globalization tends to be studied as a macro economic, political, or socio-demographic process. We feel it is important to include the largely unheard voices and experiences of everyday people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the broader public debate on globalization. What meaning does globalization have for everyday people? How does the phenomenon of globalization play out in their lived behavior?

In the Metamorphosis Project, we have examined the visions and realities of globalization held by residents of 11 diverse residential areas in Los Angeles. We assume that people, individually and collectively, make their sense of globalization, and in so doing, become both reactive and proactive participants in the process.

As students of communication, we are particularly interested in understanding the ways in which new communication technologies are changing our world. By focusing on the everyday lives of people we are able to gain insights into why people usually surprise us in defying the proclamations of how new communication technologies will radically change the world as we know it.

In our studies, we examine whether people are incorporating the Internet to do new things (e.g., break down ethnic and cultural barriers), or to do old things in new ways (e.g., maintain or extend family and friend relationships). We also examine whether the communication opportunity structure of daily life is changing more rapidly for some groups than others. We find digital divides in access to the tools of the global era and inequalities in the breadth and depth of incorporation of these tools.

Research Team

- Carmen Gonzalez

- Chi Zhang

- George Villanueva

- Hayeon Song

- Jennifer Gibbs

- Joo-Young Jung

- Marina Litvinsky

- Minhee Son

- Sandra Ball-Rokeach

- Vikki Katz



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